About Design Savvy

As part of centre, we will be working on learning how to produce items for sale such as clothing, mugs, Slate, coasters, keyrings, glass, and backpacks.

They will also be learning how to create posters and market their products for sale. 
There may even be a market stall along the way.

We will see each project through from conception to production and selling giving the trainees a sense of ownership and accomplishment.

Any artwork they do during the sessions can be transferred on to items which can be sold. 

As art and crafting have been shown to help with relaxation, anxiety and mental wellbeing; this will provide an environment where self-esteem and confidence can thrive.

With no more that 5 adults attending on any day this will be a lovely relaxed group for those who prefer a quite setting.

Places in this new centre are open now and if you know anyone who might like to join us please share or forward this email.

If you would like to know more about this please get in contact with Angie.  angie@foreversavvy.co.uk  or 07710 092412