Family Liaison Officer (FLO)

Family Liaison Officer

We have the pleasure of introducing a new post to Forever Savvy. Following a successful grant application to the Shires Community Grant we have secured part funding for a Family Liaison Officer who we call FLO. Our previous team leader at K9 Savvy, Angie Stokes, has taken on this position and Stacey has been promoted to Team leader at K9. 

FLO is not based at any particular centre and is responsible for building relationships between parents, social workers, employment agencies and schools. FLO is also responsible for co-ordinating the PA Savvy service which started last year and will play an active role in looking for work placements for some of our trainees who are ready to start looking for work. 

One of the important tasks FLO has is to help the parents and carers with any issues around support, direct payments, benefits and anything else they might need. As a parent herself Angie is quite familiar with all the battles and struggles parents and carers have on a day to day basis so is a fantastic match for this position.


If you would like to come talk more about what we do at Forever savvy the Family Liaison Officer is very happy to do this and show you around. Angie can be contacted via email at or by phone on 07710 092412


This is a new role and we are very excited to see where it can take us here at Forever Savvy.