Parelli Lesson with Claire Francis 2* Junior Parelli Instructor

Claire Francis
2* Junior Parelli Instructor



Horsemanship Lessons

Development with the Parelli System

We use Parelli horsemanship at Forever Savvy to be safe around horses and to improve our communication skills.

The Parelli approach is not only to train horses, but to teach humans to become the best communicator they can be, and to succeed by building a relationship of trust with each horse. Horsemanship skills are taught in the Parelli programme, but the foundation of the method is built on the relationship as primary, with principles of love, language and leadership as guides for support staff, trainees and horses.

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We are very fortunate at Forever Savvy to have the ongoing support of Claire Francis (2* Junior Parelli Instructor).  For 2 years Claire has travelled from JR Foundation Station in Wiltshire once a month to spend a day with us, teaching both our trainees and support staff in the ways of Parelli.

This committment from Claire to travel for 3 hours each way has ensured that our vision is becoming a reality and that our horses, support staff and trainees are confident in the farm environment, making the most of the positive risks that present themselves on a daily basis.

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