Regular Testing for Adult Day Care Centres


What is the service?

• Regular testing for all individuals attending or working at adult day care centres that are open across England.

• Staff – Staff should test using weekly PCR testing and twice weekly lateral flow testing.

• Service users – Service users that are able to test, should test twice weekly with lateral flow tests 3-4 days apart. If a service user is only visiting once per week, they only need to test on that day. Testing can be completed at-home or on-site.

• Centres must be signed up via our self-referral portal to gain access to testing.

• Once centres are approved on our system, managers are able to order test kits every month for their workers and service users. Testing is available to all open day care centres that are run by paid care staff. Services must be for adults over 18 and are provided within non-residential care settings that support the health and wellbeing of adults. This includes settings such as:

• purpose-built day centres

• day centres attached to or part of a care home or supported living

• other buildings in communities specifically used for regular adult day care Who is eligible?

• It can prevent and control outbreaks by isolating those that test positive.

• Provide reassurance and support day care centres to remain open as safely as possible and prevents outbreaks.

• It also helps to build a strategic understanding of the prevalence of the virus in local areas and the sector.

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